LENGTH: 35.6 m
WIDTH AT CP of combined spans (see notes): 2.2 m
HEIGHT AT CP/ CP SPAN 1/ CP SPAN 2 4.10 m/ 3.1 m/ 7.2 m
GPS: N25.27790 E91.62988
SR: 5
NOTES: A large bridge with very thick roots. It has three separate spans, though upon crossing the bridge one is continuously suspended above the ground over 35.6 meters.  It is the furthest west of any living root bridge included in this study (another example further west is likely but unverified). It has an unusual configuration: One of the two trees the bridge is made from is on an island in the middle of the stream. Two spans branch outward from the island. The bridge shows signs of moderate damage due to latex extraction cutting, some of it recent. Changes in the flooding conditions of the stream pose significant threats to the bridge’s survival: More rocks are being carried down by floods than before. This has destroyed three other living root bridges on the stream, and has damaged the bridge as recently as the monsoon season of 2015. This would give the bridge a lower SR if the state government and village council were not actively engaged in maintaining the structure. However, the planned maintenance involves reinforcing the bridge with concrete, probably causing aesthetic damage, and possibly damaging the bridge in other ways.
Note: Please go to Analytics and Analysis (April 2017 Draft) for methodologies. LR Project designation does not reflect local name.


These two photos show some of the minor damage that was found on Nongsteng 1 in 2016.

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