The Dreaded Fundraiser (and future plans)


Hi folks.

Here’s my new Patreon Page. I’m using this to support both my research and creative endeavors. For a buck a month (that’s a quarter a week) all of my subscribers will get access to my next book Peculiar Encounters: More Travels in the Khasi Hills, when it’s finished on Jan 7 next year. This book will be available exclusively on Patreon.

For my other tiers, I’ll also be proving downloads of my fantasy/horror work, pre-release sample chapters of upcoming projects, and other great stuff.

I’m shifting from GoFundme to Patreon for a few reasons. First off, Patreon makes it a whole lot easier to share stuff with subscribers. Also, it’s just a better platform for the sort of work I’m doing.

Right now, the reason I need the page is that I’m scraping together funds for an extended trek in Northeast India in winter/spring 2019.

The primary objective of this trek is to take a West-East survey of the state of living architecture in the Khasi and Jaintia Hills, comparing the examples found across the entire known range of the practice in Meghalaya. The idea is to create a “birds-eye-view” of the state of affairs confronting living architecture.

This will allow me to add a whole bunch of new entries to The Living Root Bridge Project, and so make the project a more comprehensive resource.

I’m also planning on using the experience to write another book on the Khasi Hills called: Through the Valleys of Living Bridges , sample chapters of which will be available on Patreon once I finish them over the course of the upcoming year.

In other news, stay tuned here for more updates on Living Architecture.



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