My Book About the Khasi Hills

If you’re interested in learning more about living root bridges, what it took to go and visit them, or about Meghalaya in general, check out my e-book The Green Unknown. You can download here at: The Green Unknown on Amazon

Or, you can visit the book’s webpage at:

Blurb: “The Green Unknown is about walking, without a map or a plan, across the rugged, seldom-traveled valleys of the Northeast Indian state of Meghalaya. Known as the Khasi Hills, this vast, obscure, region is a place of jungle canyons and thousand-foot waterfalls, where it rains more than any other inhabited spot on the globe, where each village has its own dialect or even its own language, and where the people grow living bridges from the roots of trees. The book is an attempt to express what it’s like trying to explore, mile by mile, village by village, valley by valley, somewhere that’s beautiful, complex, and fascinating, but most of all, unique.  At 40,000 words, the book is a quick read, and would appeal to anyone with an interest in other cultures, geography, the great outdoors, or just plain old adventure.”

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